Refund Policy

Cancellation, Returns, Replacements, & Exchanges

All items are eligible for cancellation within 24 hours of purchase and as long as the license haven’t been emailed out. If the items have been delivered in any way and you receive your license, we cannot cancel your order. It is the (buyer/consumer) responsibility to make sure the information you provide to us to receive your license/item is correct. We do not allow reselling of active Restock Flippers accounts or keys ("keys" provide access to the Restock Flippers platform) or selling Restock Flippers accounts on a burner Discord. Anyone caught selling or reselling keys will be immediately banned from this service without a refund. We are not liable if you provide us with the wrong information at checkout. If you have any issues, please contact support on Twitter, in the Discord, or through email here. After 24 hours of delivery, all items/subscriptions are no longer eligible for refund.

To cancel your subscription membership, you have to do so yourself by going to our Dashboard.

Our membership licenses are all customized, meaning everyone gets their own unique license. This means only you have access to it and no one else. We don’t allow any type of resale of our licenses, if caught reselling we will terminate the license without any refunds as that is breaking our Terms of Service. If there is evidence that we have not provided a license within the delivery time frame then returns are negotiable. However, we cannot accept return of non-defective products on the basis of incorrect service selected by customers, misinterpretation of the product or any other deviation in customer preference since making the order. If items are eligible for return, they cannot be returned for refund 14 days after receipt. And we cannot accept the return of used items.

When will my refund show up?
All refunds are issued back to the original form of payment. Refunds should appear on your account in 2-3 business days if issued to a credit card. Refunds issued to a bank account typically take 7-10 days to reflect on the account balance. If your refund does not show on your account balance within this time, please contact your credit card company or financial institution.